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Alert HLS Website Has Moved

You’re on the old design of the HLS website. The information on this page is up-to-date and accurate for Office of Career Services, Admitted LL.M Sites, and Alumni Reunions. For all other content, please visit our new website at

    Offers legal news, publications, surveys, and other information relating to the legal profession. Read to get a broad overview of today’s legal market.
  • American Lawyer Magazine
    A monthly magazine, also available online, featuring articles and analysis of the legal profession.
  • Firsthand/Vault Law
    Provides law firm rankings, basic information on firms, and career advice. One great Vault resource for prospective students are the “Day in the Life” articles, which provide readers with a look into the daily lives of attorneys in a few different fields.
  • Wall Street Journal Law Blog
    The Wall Street Journal publishes an online law blog that covers trends and cases in the legal industry.
  • Chambers Associate
    Provides individual profiles on major law firms and surveys and reports on the legal industry.
    Attorney directory, searchable by geographic area, practice areas, and law school. Browse through Martindale to get a sense of what types of law firms and legal jobs there are in different areas of the country.
  • National Association of Law Placement (NALP)
    NALP is most often visited by law students for its Directory of Legal Employers. You can also find a variety of statistical information on the site.
  • Bloomberg Law
    Publishes articles on major developments in the legal industry, including news on major cases and transactions.
  • American Bar Association
    Check the ABA website for articles about the legal profession. You can also create a student account, participate in the Law Student Division, explore their practice area sections, and learn more about legal fields. The ABA also publishes the Student Lawyer magazine.
  • Ms. JD
    Ms. JD is a great resources for women contemplating law school or law practice, but also features general informational articles applicable to all law students. Stop by Ms. JD for information on law schools, job advice, professional attire guidelines, networking advice, and more.
  • Above the Law
    Visit Above the Law for the latest legal gossip. Also be sure to check ATL’s Law Firm Directory, which provides informative snapshots of the nation’s top firms.